Time Builders

Fuel included in all prices (wet rates)

Single-Engine Aircraft

Cessna 172L $105010 hour block or $114/hr
Cessna 172SP $145/hr
Cessna 172SP G1000  $162/hr

Complex / High-Perf. Single-Engine Aircraft

Arrow    $165/hr
Cessna 182T G1000  $230/hr

Multi-Engine Aircraft

BE-76 Beechcraft Duchess $220/hr


Single-Engine Instruction $43/hr
Multi-Engine Instruction $48/hr


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Air America Flight Center has one of the largest and newest fleets available for rental. Our types of aircraft range from a C-172SP all the way up to a Cessna 182T with a G1000 Glass Cockpit and Beechcraft Duchess twins. Renting at Air America is easy and fun! As a renter, we are committed to providing you with the aircraft and resources you need to achieve success in your aviation career. In addition to offering one of the largest and lowest priced fleets, we offer:

  • Great Schedule and Aircraft Availability! (Fly when you want to)
  • Excellent Maintenance! (No missed flights due to downed planes)
  • Simple Checkout Process! (Checkout makes you a renter)
  • Wide Range of Modern Aircraft including Complex, High-Performance, Glass Cockpit and Multi-Engine
  • Ability to fly Cross-Country, and Remain Overnight
  • Ability to Rent the Duchess Solo! (Perfect for multi time builders)
  • No Fuel Surcharges or Add-Ons (Honest, up front pricing)