Air America Flight Center has over 10 years of experience providing quality, modified aircraft, and professional pilot services for aerial imaging projects both small and large.


Air America Flight Center's fleet management capabilities reduce the overhead associated with the purchase and management of additional aircraft, while allowing customers to expand their imaging departments. Air America Flight Center's fleet management plan options include coordinating pilot availability, fixed-wing aircraft maintenance, engineering ports for aircraft, and alternate insurance options. Air America independently contracts commercial pilots trained specifically for imagery operations, who can accommodate a number of aircraft types. Air America’s in-house maintenance staff can conduct all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, whether on a current project location or at your facility. In addition to these services, Air America’s fleet management plan also provides competitively priced aircraft insurance rates for your fleet.


Air America Flight Center’s in-house engineering team specializes in taking a concept to full FAA approval in a matter of weeks. Our dedicated maintenance team has experience making a wide array of aircraft modifications and bolt-in platforms for any type of survey equipment. Air America Flight Center's maintenance facility also has the ability to retrofit any aircraft to satisfy the specifications for the equipment. Air America Flight Center's engineering staff can get proper authorization to implement any type of sensor port for your aircraft.