Flight Instructors

Getting Started

Air America Flight Center is always looking for qualified flight instructors to join our team of independent contractors!

Air America offers all flight instructors the perfect environment to teach in. Between Central Florida's perfect flying weather and the abundance of students due to our proximity to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University there is simply not a better or easier place to be a flight instructor. As an independent contractor, we are committed to providing you with the aircraft and resources you need to achieve success in your aviation career. In addition to offering one of the largest and lowest priced fleets, we offer:

  • Best Pay! (Earn at least $25/hr for Single-Engine and $30/hr for Multi-Engine)
  • Great Schedule and Aircraft Availability! (Fly when you want to)
  • Excellent Maintenance! (No missed flights due to downed planes)
  • Simple Checkout Process! (Checkout makes you an independent contractor)
  • Wide Range of Modern Aircraft including Complex, High-Performance, Glass Cockpit and Multi-Engine

The Checkout Process

Getting checked out to instruct at Air America is a simple process! If you are new to Air America you should contact us to schedule a checkout with our Chief, Assistant Chief Flight Instructor or one of the Designated Flight Instructors. During the checkout you will be evaluated on your ability to fly safely within Practical Test Standards while giving effective flight instruction during basic flight maneuvers. These checkouts are a minimum of one hour flight time but typically take up to two hours to complete (based on pilot proficiency). Once this is done, your paperwork is complete, and you meet all of the TSA and ramp access requirements of KDAB you can begin instructing!

What Happens Now?

Because Air America allows you to instruct as an independent contractor, you are now free to recruit your own students or to get students from our leads that we give to you. At this point you can schedule any aircraft that you are checked out in to provide any flight instruction that you are qualified to give. You are also free to use our class rooms, computers, and all of our resources to conduct your teaching. The Air America staff will always be available to assist you with anything including progress checks, mock checkrides and with the constantly changing foreign pilot training requirements.

What makes Air America Flight Center so unique is the freedom that we give our flight instructors. For example, you can set your own rates for instruction and you can schedule flights when you want to fly. Although our office closes at night, our instructors have 24-hour access to our fleet. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to be your own boss however if you ever need any assistance we will always be there for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to read our Flight Instructor FAQ.