DGCA Recency Program

Note: Visa Required, TSA Registration Not Required

Air America does not issue I-20's

Thank you for your interest in Air America’s Indian DGCA Recency Program!

Our program was designed for Indian pilots who hold an FAA commercial license with an instrument rating to meet the DGCA recency requirements.

Which of the following are you interested in?

Single-Engine and Multi-Engine Recency - 15 Hours Pilot-In-Command
(12 Hours Single-Engine and 3 Hours Multi-Engine)

Multi-Engine Only Recency - 15 Hours Pilot-In-Command
(15 Hours Multi-Engine)

Single-Engine Only Recency – 15 Hours Pilot-In-Command
(15 Hours Single-Engine)

Answers to Common Questions

If you are interested in a custom DGCA recency program or any flight training please contact us and we will give you an individual quote.


Air Air America cannot issue visas. For the Indian DGCA Recency Program you must have a green card, B-1 (Business) or B-2 (Tourist) visa. You can also complete this program if you have a F-1 (Student), J-1 (Exchange Visitor) or M-1 (Student) visa however this is not necessary. There is no limitation to the amount of flying that you can do during the time your visa is valid in the U.S.

Please email our Chief Flight Instructor for an Official Enrollment Letter to use for the issuance of your visa.