Checkout Process

Getting checked out to rent at Air America is a simple process! If you are new to Air America you should contact us to schedule a checkout with our Chief, Assistant Chief Flight Instructor or one of the Designated Flight Instructors. During the checkout you will be evaluated on your ability to fly safely within Practical Test Standards. These checkouts are a minimum of one hour flight time but typically take up to two hours to complete (based on pilot proficiency). Once this is done and your paperwork is complete you can begin renting!

Air America requires a separate checkout for the complex, high-performance, glass cockpit and multi-engine airplanes, however you can combine certain fixed-gear checkouts.

If you complete your checkout in:

 Checkout Aircraft:  Aircraft you can rent: Duration of checkout:
 C172L  C172L 1.0 minimum
 C172SP  C172SP/C172L 1.0 minimum
 C172SP G1000  C172SP G1000 1.0 minimum
 PA-28 ARROW  PA-28 ARROW 1.0 minimum
 PIPER AZTEC  PIPER AZTEC 5.0 unless prior AZTEC experience exists


Checkout Checklist:

- FAA Pilot Certificate (foreign pilots check here first)
- Current Medical Certificate
- Government-issued photo ID (driver's license or passport may count as ID)
- Passport/Birth Certficate (proof of citizenship)
- Current Charts (if instrument rated please bring approach plates as well)
- View limiting device
- Checklist for the make and model to be flown (can be found under Resources section of this website)

You may not be allowed to fly without the pilot and identification documents above. You MUST bring a Passport or Birth Certificate BEFORE you will be allowed to fly!